1. ChickenMasta1105

    How to train my 7 week olds

    Hello! I want to know how to make my approximately 7 week old chickens love to sit on my arm. Can anyone please tell me a quick and easy way to make them love to sit on my arm? Please also tell me if my chickens can be potty-trained, if I try. And while you are there, please tell me other tricks...
  2. Rainorshine

    Dogs and chickens?

    Hello! So I have a question over how I can train a puppy to be friendly towards chickens? We have a 4 month old puppy which we brought home at 6 weeks old. When we first got him we hoped that by introducing him to the chickens and familiarising him with them we could get him to not view them as...
  3. MountainUp1

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    We have flock of twenty-some chickens. About five months ago, a lone peahen arrived from 'nowhere' and began free ranging with our chickens. She's never left us. She is so beautiful. We named her Lucy. We'll be hatching some new peahens from purchased fertile eggs next spring, and building a...
  4. D

    ducklings getting scared?

    Hello everyone, I am a brand new duck parent, 4 of my ducklings have hatched over the last two days, and 6 more are on the way. It was a staggered hatch so I'm not too worried about the other eggs. I am really excited about having ducks, and more than anything I want them to be comfortable...

    Handling Hens

    My hens are about 17 weeks old. my issue is this, I never trained them to be handled. They come to me whenever they see me, as they know I will have some tasty treats. I know I have to check them regularly for health issues, but not sure how to get them used to being handled. Did I ‘miss my...
  6. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Our Dog Killed the Neighbors' Turkey Poult

    **I'm not sure what I'm looking for when writing this post. Maybe to just be able to get this off my chest or to see if others have had shared experiences. Maybe an attempt at catharsis. Any thoughts our personal insights are much appreciated. We are having a hard time with this.** BACKGROUND...
  7. qopt

    Baby Chicks Fear Me

    Okay, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right spot because I am new to the site. Bare with me! I just got my first ever chickens, 5 Barnevelder Chicks! It's been 5 days since I have gotten them, I got them from a local farm store. I am assuming the farm store got them around the...
  8. S

    How Old is Too Old to Train a Chicken?

    Hi all, I'm looking to get my first few chicks soon, but I would like to train them (e.g., to respond to their names, to learn the word for "Treats," to be as friendly as possible with humans, etc.). I know it's best to start from the time they are only a couple days old, but I would like to...
  9. WallyBirdie

    Budgie Eating from Hand

    I know that it is a sign of trust for a budgie to eat from your hand. Mine are not yet comfortable with being hand-fed. They will not eat food that I am holding. But if I put the food down there is no hesitation for them to approach and eat. They step up on my hand without food or millet- and...
  10. Qquails899

    Is it possible to potty train a quail?

    I keep two quails as indoor pets so I'm curious if I can potty train them. If it's possible, how do I do it?
  11. Cephalo

    Chicken Training Stories (Intentional or not!)

    Hello! I am planning on getting my first chicks this spring and wondered if the BYC community could share their chicken training stories. What have you trained your chickens to do on purpose? What about accidental habits that you’ve taught them? I know I’ve accidentally trained my dogs all...
  12. rascal66

    Advice training hens to use new nest box?

    Husband just installed 3 new nest boxes, the kind that is designed for the eggs to roll away from the hen after the egg is layed. About half of the hens I have used to use this style box and know to lay their eggs inside, however my other half don't have any idea so far. The box looks like...
  13. BlueLovesBabyDucks

    Potty Training?

    So I'm trying to potty train my 2 week old duckling(my husband says he trained his old duck by taking him outside every morning and after every meal) but I have no success, he never poops while hes out there. Usually hes a turd dropping little nugget but he never poops outside, I always miss the...
  14. GinaTheDuck

    Have you guys taught your ducks any tricks?

    I taught my duck Meta Knight to spin on command and thought you guys might enjoy it! Have you guys taught your birds any similar things? I'd love to see what other people have done and also try to get some ideas for new tricks for her!
  15. Cadence A Waller

    Starlight’s Training Adventure!

    Hi Everyone! I plan on posting pictures of my yearling Star on this thread and going through her training from the ground all the way to the saddle. It would be great if any of you with horses could give me tips! She has already learned to back up and she leads pretty well. I also taught her a...
  16. June Chick

    Recall Training?

    How do I recall train pigeons? I have a couple rollers, and a few homing pigeons (I do pigeon rescue, so I never know what I’ll get next). Any advice would be great, thanks! I want to do it as safely as possible, not a lot of predators in my area, but I really don’t want any of them to just fly...
  17. MiBirds

    How to train my budgies? Help!

    Hey everyone, I have five budgies and really need to train them but I can't find anything online for "How to train five budgies who won't even come near you." One of them is about 5 months, two are about 3 months, and two are about 1 month. One of my one month year olds has recently had a leg...
  18. A

    Hello Aquaboogiefarm here

    Actually I haven't started yet. I'm a disabled veteran seeking information on my dream lifestyle. I'm currently seeking training through different agencies. I have mobility issues so I'm looking for stuff I can do in a scooter or wheelchair. I am looking forward to learning about raising...
  19. S

    Chicken Tricks

    Im training some silkies to help with a ministry for adults with special needs. It would be so cool if they could learn some tricks. Does anyone know where to order the chicken treat clicker? It's looks like a measuring cup that holds treats. You click it and hold it in front of the chicken...
  20. Duckiewuckie

    Leash training

    What is the best breed of duck to leash train? Has anyone personally had any success with it? How?
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