Dog Nail...quick hanging out. *Graphic Picture*


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My dog somehow managed to rip his nail off, leaving the quick completely intact and not bleeding. I have no idea how he did this as he never made a peep. I will put a call into the vet tomorrow, but any suggestions on this?

My dog did that and it was fine. I'm trying to remember if we even took her to the vet. Oh, yes, we did. The whole nail was split so the vet cut off the hard nail part that was hanging off so it wouldn't catch and tear. He sent her home with the quick exposed and before long, it was all healed (the exposed part dried/scabbed) and as her nail grew out, the quick receded within it. And you, know, it never seemed to bother her.
It should be fine but watch for discomfort for a few days. Looks like the bleeding stopped. Im sure it will be tender but should regrow in no time
My terrier has done this a couple of times and all I did was clean it and wrap the foot in vetrap for a few days so he wouldn't hit it on any thing as it was sore to the touch.
How's he doing?

He's doing fine, thank you so much. It's still hanging out and he's still licking it a lot, but it looks less red so I am hoping it's going to be scabbed/healed over soon.

Thank you again!!

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