Dog needs new home ASAP


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO
Jake is a very sweet, cuddly Bluetick Hound who needs a new home.
My boss was going to shoot him becasue he is convinced that he killed one of his hens. Since it happened at night, when they were roosting several feet above the ground and there were coon tracks around, I really don't think it was the dog! He will jump at the chickens once in a while if they are near his food, but not really chase them. The rest of the time, they are wandering all around him and he ignores them.
He gets along well with other dogs, cats and farm animals. He loves to follow the horses out on the trails. I don't think he would be a good hunting dog, but he absolutely ADORES kids! He's about a year old. He is an outdoor dog, he was scared to even come in the barn when we first got him, so I don't think he has ever been inside.
I have him at my place for now, but I live just across the hill from the stable and I'm afraid he'll just run back as soon as I let him out of the pen.
If you can give Jake a loving home, email me please!
[email protected]
Oh yeah. I live in Sevierville, Tennessee.

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