Dog running loose and killed all our chickens, animal control won't call back, what do I do?

Blue Chicken

7 Years
May 17, 2012
A dog jumped our fence and broke into our chicken runa and killed each and every one of of 10 chickens. Caught the dog, called the owner, she agreed to compensate and gave us a check, which was unsigned, and we were too upset to notice. She of course now won't pay.
Called animal control 3 days ago, no answer. Called a few lawyers and no one deals with dog-chickens, only human injury. I checked our neighborhood association posts and this dog was loose many times before, found and returned to owner. It's not only dangerous to other animals but also itself can be hurt by cars, etc. I don't think that the owner is fitting to have a dog but animal contro is not doing anything. Shall my birds just dye in vain? What can I do??
Get a electric fence, or use a non climb horse fence that's 6 feet tall, and to top it off use barbed wire. There are many signs I've seen where ranchers are, with the dog law strictly enforced that "any dog harassing livestock will be shot." You could get one of those signs?
Also, I spend hours look up Texas laws on dog killing chickens. Yes the owner shall be fined each time the dog runs at large, and there is livestock law, dog restrain rules, leash law, etc. How do I get these laws enforced if the police says that this is a civil matter, they do not handle it, and the animal control won't call back? We live in Austin, TX. Any advice/experience of similar situation appreciated.
Document everything with photos and/or video. Keep calling animal control until you get a call back. If the dog is safe to handle take it to a shelter yourself and show what happened to the shelter employees.

If you know the owner of the dog, take the photos/video to the owner and discuss payment for the chickens, fencing, and repairs.
Thank you. This is my backyard, we live in the city, so no one will see the sign but the dogs. We are thinking about good/better fencing too. My question is, how do I get the current matter resolved? The dog is still living in our neighborhood, and I doubt the owner will do anything about it running loose all the time.
Yes we have pictures of the dog in our run with all the dead chickens, and neighbors' postings on our association website of this dog being found before. The owner gave us a check, which was unsigned, we were too upset to notice. so, that's the story. We just want justice to be done so our birds are not just killed in vain.
Did you have a conversation about the unsigned check? What on earth did she say when she then refused compensation?

Keep that check and make copies so at least you have documentation that there was a compensation discussion/amount tendered.

The dog will likely come back. The pull of the remaining chicken smell and memories of the big excitement will be too strong. I say catch him and transport him yourself. Ideally you could hold the dog in lieu of compensation, but I'm not sure as to the legalities of that. At least that way they'll have to pay a fine and the county will have documentation on the dog.

Try to remember it's not a bad dog. Just an untrained one with an ignorant owner. It'd be nice if it could find a home with someone less useless through animal control. Maybe take it to one three counties over? LOL
Yes her reply was that she is not familiar with writing checks. (She is 24). And she said that there is no point to pay since we told her honestly that we have called animal control. We do have the check. I agree that the dog is untrained, and it is the owners fault to not keep it in safe confines, safe for others and the dog. I really hope animal control will take reasonable action. We are so sad about our birds. It was the worst thing to come home to, a happy dog and 10 dead girls. And that lingering feeling of death surrounding does not go away easily.
I may currently reside in Florida, but I am a Texan. In Texas, you have the right to defend yourself, your family, your LIVESTOCK, and your property. Most municipal police departments don't know state law very well, call the county sheriff's department. Where I lived , there was no "animal control," it was handled by the county SPCA, see if that is the case in Austin. I would, naturally, harden your defenses, but also invest in a hunting crossbow or longbow. In a city environment, firing off a gun would be irresponsible, dangerous, and more than likely, illegal. A crossbow bolt , or an arrow , lose energy/ momentum quickly. Turn the mutt into an archery butt. MiF

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