Dog up the road and the loss of a JG

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Rachel Taylor, Oct 20, 2018.

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    Here goes another dog thread, down the twisted debate road.
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    Did you read the whole thread? The OP’s husband had a talk with the dogs owners. I have electric fences surrounding a bunch of pens and coops but I have free range birds too. I do not want a fence around my property. I have caught 5 dogs that were dumped nearby running around in my yard. Three of those dogs were taken in by my family members the other two were picked up by animal control. I’m not a dog shooting nut job. I’m saying it is not the chicken owners responsibility period. I like my chickens more than your dog or anyone else’s for that matter. If they kill chickens here I most likely would contact the owner if I could find them. If it happened again I wouldn’t think twice about blowing its head off.
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    Good - then your dog wouldn’t be in danger of getting shot for killing livestock. A dog in its own yard is a pet. A dog killing my chickens is a predator.

    Around here, the cops are animal control, and they will tell you that you have the right to shoot an animal that is killing your livestock. Would I want to shoot my neighbor’s dog? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t take pleasure in shooting any dog if it was friendly. Years ago, we had packs of dogs that had been dumped and became feral. Every farmer carried firearms and eliminated them as they could. Some of those dogs were young and had their collars imbedded in their necks. It was a favor to those dogs to be put down.
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    Haha! I like this place sometimes.

    Never shot a dog except to put one down, that sucked. Would hate the idea of having to do it.

    But then, why is a dogs life worth more than a chicken's????
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    Put a dog down cuz it sucked! Wow, you better hope the people that think you suck don't do the same. That's a real heartless reason.
    Edit: I read your post wrong, sorry.
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    You must be kidding right? Reread that post and think again.
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    You can spin it any way you want too make yourself feel justified. It's wrong, heartless and not the animals fault!
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    Your right, I did read it wrong. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    We don’t have a ACO (animal control officer) where I live. They Used to have dog kennels down at the dump. Volunteers would catch (if they could) dogs that got out.
    This practice failed. Why?
    im sorry but my dogs don’t run the streets of Chicago!
    How many acres of land could your dogs run in Chicago?? If your dogs got out in the streets of Chicago and got hit by a car would you sue? For reals?
    There’s a big difference city vs country. But irresponsible people know no difference.
    Ignorance is everywhere.
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    I once walked outside to find one of our ewes dead and two of the neighbors dogs playing tug a war with its days old lamb.
    Would of been nice to call a time out and go get some money out of the owners pockets or tell the dogs to sit and stay so I could call the law out.
    You have to deal with the situation in hand in real time.
    I'm far from a heartless person but in the real world you sometimes have to do things that seem heartless.
    Wouldn't it of been more heartless to do nothing or delay action and let more of my animals die?
    BTW we saved the lamb.

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