Doghouse in gooseyard


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Jun 10, 2014
I have a dog that spends a lot of time out with the poultry - he's a border collie mix, so not real big (40lbs). I'd like to build him a doghouse in the yard so he has 'his own' spot and some reliable shade - I'm just worried that if I just build a doghouse, the geese will take it from him (he's learned that with them, discretion is the better part of valor).

Anyone have any sort of geeseproof doghouse plans, or layouts? Maybe knee-high fences or something?

(he's got access to about an acre of backyard with 4 geese, a bunch of ducks, and the chickens wander through when they're not out in the pasture)
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Oct 3, 2009
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A 2 foot fence around the Dogs own spot would probably work to keep the geese out and having border collie in him he could easily get over a 2'fence.

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