Doll house coop?


7 Years
May 12, 2012
About 20 years ago my Uncle (a carpenter) built me a doll house. It's about 4 ft wide, 3 ft deep and 3 ft tall. It's wood, and has a cedar "shingled" roof and is a "two story" doll house. Do you suppose I could convert it? I just wonder how many hens I could have comfortable in it. Any ideas? I may post pictures and exact measurements later.
Your doll house has approximately the same square footage on the floor as my coop. You will want no more than three birds in there and you'll want a run of 10 square feet per bird. I find my three girls tend to stay close together and so I'm temped to squeeze in "just one more", but I won't.
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4x3x3 is the dimension of my small coop. Except for feeder and waterer, the floor is otherwise unoccupied. Nests and roosts are all elevated. 4 birds lived happily. They had a 36sf run.
I'm in Ohio too. If you are mainly going for eggs I have 4 started pullets I can sell you if interested. They are 9-11 week old Tetra Tints. They don't get overly large & would do fine with your little set-up most likely. My coop isn't a whole lot bigger (4x5 with 6 nest boxes) and I currently have about 20 chickens in that coop...which is about twice what I built it for, but half are under 8 weeks old and are still pretty small, so I can get away with it for MAYBE another week or 2. Thus, the reason I'm thinning my

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