Dove Sexing


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Aug 2, 2009
I have had Ringnecks for around 15 yrs. The best way to tell male from female is observation. I am open for questions and I can provide videos and stills.... I just hope people are interested!!!
with our doves, (same size same age) the males seem to have a slightly larger head than the females. Other than that we look for the male bow coo's and back mounting. LOL!
A friend of mine has 2 ring necks and they will mount each other. She does not have a clue what sex they are.
might be two males, we were given a "pair" of white doves and the owners were fed up with the "breeding but no eggs." Well come to find out, once we added a female to the mix, it became apparent(very quickly) that we had two males in the same cage. Just our humble experience.
Either they are young or they're both boys. I've had several pairs of boys who act just like a real pair, minus the eggs :p I've also had pairs of pigeon hens, who acted like actual pairs but ended up incubating 4 eggs!
Hmm. I wonder if mine are both boys then. they coo, and do thir thing, and build a nest and all. But no eggs. Guess I will have to keep checking the auction barn for more of them, to see if i can find any girls eh?

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