d'uccle breeders list for 2012


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Aug 14, 2011
i wish to compile a list of all d'uccle breeders as i know there are new people breeding them that have not been added to the stickyed list. i have tried this before and wish to try again for the 2012 breeding season. please if you breed these lovely bantams post your user name, what colors you breed, what their quilty is (ei: if you got them from hatchery or another breeder), also if you show your babies please include that and if at all possable a few pics of your stock. i am currently just now working on my d'uccle flock and this info will also be very usefull to me as well as anyone else looking for this breed. thank you for your help. you can be a small time breeder or large scale, please just make sure that you post which one you are. if you have a website you can include that to...

here's some of the colors i found if they are not true colors please let me know:

~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO

~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO

blue mille fleur
~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO

brown red



golden neck


mille fleur
~ babymakes6 sells eggs and her chicks came from Shultz in Indiana and are from show lines(seller has not shown her own chickens) . she lives in Ohio
~ shanshan51 has a possable trio and will sell eggs for 2012 if the 3 babies turn out to be a trio. lives in CA
~ dsfrango will be selling for pick up only. good stock(might not be ready for show ring yet, contact seller for more pics of stock). pic of rooster is in their post on here. lives in Stafford, CT
~ teddiliza has hatchery stock Mille with some porcelain breeder stock heritage, so might have the porcelain/lavender genes-- not show quality at this time
~ joanie_maine has hatchery breeder stock. she also sells both birds and eggs. she has pics on page 2 of some of her chickens. she lives in temple, maine
~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO
~ MuranoFarms website is www.muranohatchery.com are from PA

~ robin416 sells pairs and eggs when available from TN)
~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO (blue & black)

~Teddiliza has porcelains out of Ugly Ducky's stock and hatchery stock but some are turning out to be breeder quality and I think have show potential. (Won best of breed 2 yrs in a row in the Missouri Poultry Association shows, but there's a major LACK of competition here LOL)
~ joanie_maine has chickens out of teddiliza stock some breeder stock and some show quality. sells both birds and eggs. some pics on page 2. lives in temple, maine

self blue(lavender)
~GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO

silver mille

~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO (white w/blue or lavender pattern...just like any other 'splash')

~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO


PROJECT COLORS: if you have any colors you are working on please post them to and let me know if they are a project and if they are breeding true yet thanks

~ GypsyChic stock is show and breeder quality from MO is working on Citron/Lemon, Silver, Quail, and Blue/Red Mottled
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once i get a good flock going i will be selling but that wont be until 2013...i will have mille fluer and porcelian and will still be working on my self blue line.
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I have Mille Fleurs and they are from Schultz in Indiana. They show their birds, and have done well with them, but I have not shown mine.
I am in Ohio.
My birds are currently laying and I do sell the eggs.
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I can put you on a list.
My birds are not laying right now, and I have 2 orders to fill when they start again, but I can put you in after that, if you'd like. PM me.
Ill be breeding and selling my beautifull Mille Fluers:celebrate. They are good stock but I dont think quite show. Im working on that since I just started out. I will be selling only pick up in Stafford, Ct. I am hoping to pick something up at the Show in Springfield next month and Ill be sure to add that here if i do!

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