Duck EMERGENCY - Not walking, Not eating, Green poop

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    This is not about bumblefoot, but i'm givint context here - please read

    Our duck was not walking well, and we took him to the vet. They decided it was his bumblefoot - which i have not managed to control well. We didn't rally want to do a $200-$300 surgery, so opted to go non-surgical at home first.

    We have recently discovered he has been doing green poop, people talk about lime-green poop, but i'd call it more of a copper tarnish green, y'know with the blue-green. He hasn't been eating a lot the last couple of days, th bumblefoot doesn't actually seem to be bothering him. Being that the vet said the infection has not gone into the tendons, his lack of leg movement is not consistend with that, as when there is no pressure on the leg (while swimming), he wont even move the leg. He barely moves around, but we have managed to see him drink a fair bit.

    Im not sure if he needs antibiotics fo pasteuralla or someting similar, The vets were supposed to do a fecal analysis, but i think that was for parasites - i never heard anything about it when we picked him up.

    We are in a tough spot now, I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars at a vet for hi, but we definitely don't want him to die.

    Thoughts? We need to keep him alive.... he's gonna be a dad soon
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