Duck laying eggs IN the pond

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by PrairiEarth, Jun 27, 2016.

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    Jun 26, 2016
    (Posted irate on chicken forum, recommended to repost here)
    my duck is terrorized by my rooster. I don't think he's being mean he's just trying to mate and it's too aggressive for ducks. The hens seem annoyed and tattered feathers on head and neck but nowhere near as bad as the poor duck. I keep him locked up at night so she can be safe in the coop or she's plucked bald from back od head down to her back. In the morning I let Mucky, the duck and Gretle, a hen (best friends) out for a while befor I open up the section withe rooster and the other hens. As soon as he's out she heads to the pond and stays there to avoid him. Sometimes she'll lay her eggs in her nesting box but if he's on the prowl she lays her egg right in the water. Sometimes they roll down to the deep end (there they stay till cleaning time) and sometimes they're within reach.
    So my two questions are: 1) can those eggs in the water that I collect still be eaten? 2) anything I can do to deter the rooster from chasing the duck?


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    I would not eat the water eggs - I believe the water will carry bacteria into the egg....

    Those hormonal birds! Yikes! The duck may need a separate area, with some nice buddies, or you can put Mr. Hormones into time out most of the time...

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