Duck sick??


6 Years
Apr 11, 2014
so I have some ducklings that are about 4 weeks old they have all been fine but then 2 days ago they were outside swimming in the kiddie pool I have set up for them and I went to move them back inside. They usually run away from when I go near them but the one didn't move. She just sat in the pool and was shivering. I thought she was just cold so I moved her inside and set up the heat lamp and tried to dry her off. Like I said they usually run but she let me hold her and didn't really fight other than making some quacks and shivering. So I separated her bc I wasn't sure what was going on with her. She has been eating and drinking ok still. Her poop is still normal isn't super watery or different colored. It's been 2 days. She stopped shivering but her breathing seems a little off. Trying to figure out if she's actually sick or if I am just freaking out over nothing.


Dec 12, 2016
Erie PA
I'm still new to ducklings but I know most of the experienced people on here are going to tell you to give nutri dench and if shes by herself you should give her a little stuffed animal and a little mirror to snuggle/look at. Hope she gets better! I'm sure some of the super helpful duck people will respond soon!


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Jul 13, 2016
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She props just needs to must always dry them gently but thoroughly......then make sure they get warm under lap...every time they have a bath...i hope the baby recovers! xx:hugs

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