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Jul 14, 2022
My 3 week old duckling was outside in her pen when I noticed she couldn’t close her beak. Upon further inspection, the roof of her mouth in her upper beak is very swollen causing the beak to look tilted to the right and unable to fully close. Drinking water and eating is appears to be a bit of a challenge.

Inside towards the back upper mouth, I can see a black-rim spot about a centimeter in diameter. I’m wondering if she was stung or nibbled something sharp, but I have nothing concrete to go off of.

I gave her 1ml of children’s Benadryl in case it was a sting, but the swelling did not subside. After a few hours, I mixed a 250mg capsule powder Tetracycline in water (which I had on hand). I combined the 250mg capsule in 8ml’s of water and then gave her ~1ml with a syringe (some dribbled out her mouth). I’m not sure if this is the correct dosage because it was hard to find information online. I’m now giving her a full night rest to see how she responds by the AM. I will give her probiotics in the morning as well.

In the meantime, I’m posting some photos and would appreciate any feedback on what could be wrong or recommendations for how to better treat her so she can heal quickly.

Thank you to this amazing community for your help!


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