duck with lumps on beak and horse voice.


Apr 22, 2021
my pekin duck has some wierd lumps on her beak,and a very horse raspy voice. 1442846C-F17C-44B1-874A-DAAB340C6AB5.jpeg she is eating drinking and acting normal. any idea of what it could be or what i could do to help?
I don’t know but do you think a duck could be effected by poison ivy or something??
i don’t think so,but i was away for a week so my 2 ducks went to my aunts who own chickens and ducks and when i went over to get them and 1 of my ducks was like this.i wonder if she got into a plant or something new that is not normally on my property. and she is the only duck who has this so i’m very confused of what it is.

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