Ducks and Plastic....


Mar 11, 2018
Due to the electric fence I had to put the clear plastic on the inside of the run. Even if I could have put it on the outside, the rabbit hutches inside the run are covered in clear plastic to. Well the ducks are slowly taking apart everything I put up. I think they like the noise. They completely destroyed the plastic on one hutch which is on the chicken side but accessible through the fence. I don't have anything that will block all the areas, so how do I stop them from destroying it? My poor rabbits are going to freeze by the time the ducks are done.

They are nosing around the botyom along the run, but haven't tore that up YET.
Could you block it off with maybe a snow fence? Or swap out the plastic for tarps. I didn't put anything up near my ducks - just on the chicken side which the ducks cannot reach. I also habe an electric fence and put the tarp on the inside of the chicken area.
The area they did the damage does have a fence and netting in front of it. I have tarps on one side snd clear on the other.

I was going to put the plastic around their shelter but I'm thinking that isn't going to work.
I feel your frustration because mine like to nibble on stuff like that too. Maybe you could put up some hardware cloth or plywood over the bottom 2 feet. That ought to keep them from nibbling.

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