Ducks are laying eggs in neighbors yard not duck box.


Oct 15, 2018
Help! I have 3 khakis campbell's, 1 male and 2 female. I have a duck box for them with straw etc but they aren't using the box. They just recently got the the egg laying age about a month ago....They have laid their eggs in box once. Under my grape barber once but I believe they are mainly laying in my neighbors a few houses down - they swim in the pong there. I don't think he is thrilled about this.
We had two males and one was attacked and killed by another animal and i think it was near their duck box. I don't know if they are scared of it? They still eat right beside it and have laid eggs once in it since. (When the first duck was attacked they weren't old enough to lay yet)
Should I get a new box and place is somewhere else? Not sure what to do? But we want the eggs and my neighbor is just getting rid of them.

Do you lock the ducks in a house overnight? Ducks typically lay pretty early in the morning, more consistently than chickens. Keep them locked in their coop/house until after they lay and then let them out for the day. Ducks are not particular about where they lay and will lay anywhere when the mood strikes. If you keep them locked up until after they lay, you will be able to find your eggs.
How early are you letting them out of the coop? Mine lay very early , keep them inside til they’ve laid.

How sad your neighbor doesn’t know what she’s throwing out :(

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