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    Jul 10, 2016
    I went from having two ducks to having six small chickens. I'm hoping to end up with 4 and rehome two of them depending on who ends up being a rooster. My coop was an a-frame that started out on the ground. I raised it up to give them more run space and some roosting spots. My problem is that it doesn't seem like I have enough headroom for proper roosting in the coop and I have yet to determine how I'm going to install nesting boxes. Does anyone have any tips? As of now I just scoop the poop in the mornings right into a trash can and replace a little bedding. The run is 6'x8' and the coop is only 2'-6"x6'

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    You have small facilities, which is just what you have. Nothing wrong here in my opinion ether. Place a roost only about 2 to 3 inches off the floor. There is no reason that it needs to be high. In larger coops peeps place roosts higher up to utilize the interior space more efficiently. This way your chickens will roost slightly off the floor and not be walking all over their gumdrops constantly.

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