Dust bathing in sawdust, is it enough

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    Sep 8, 2010
    hi everyone, we have had a lot of rain here in england just latley so my girls run is pretty muddy , and when it does dry its a bit too hard for their dust bathing, so i have noticed that they rolling around in their sawdust inside the ( very large ) coop, they seem happy doing this but i was wondering if the sawdust would have the same affect as the dust outside, getting rid of what ever is loitering under the feathers !, i check them most days for mites and lice, they are pretty clean, so any suggestions on what i could put down in the sawdust to make it better for them.
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    You could mix in some sand and/or DE.

    Also, ashes from the fireplace are good. It's best to put it all in a special box. That way it doesn't get all over your regular shavings.
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