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    Mar 7, 2017
    I'm sorry I'm posting kind of a lot, but this is my first time raising chicks! For those who are experienced with raising chicks, is there any signs or giveaways that a chick may not make it? And if there are, how can i try to help the chick survive?
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    Mar 3, 2011
    I just lost one this morning, and can say that one sign is a repeated chirping that's like a distress call (the type you hear when you pick them up and they are separated from the others). When I hear this chirp I know that the chick may be too hot or too cold or has some problem ( I had some chicks do this for attention when I babied them too much). The chirp may get weaker if the issue is not addressed immediately. Chirping is not necessarily a sign of dying but can be. I am sure there are many other signs depending on the cause of death and those with more experience have more to suggest.
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    The first sign isn't non-stop chirping, though that follows pretty quickly. If you see a baby chick in the first two or three days, standing still while the others are romping around it, wings held low, eyes at half mast or closed, Houston we have a problem. Sugar water and minced egg white and yolk may revive it.

    The chick who is always sleeping or lags behind the others in growth (they double in size each week for the first couple months) is one who may need special attention. Try to watch the chicks and figure out why it may not be getting enough to eat.

    Back to the chirping. Chicks come with a built in alarm system. Constant chirping is usually a sign of distress. It's like an alarm going off on a relief valve, meaning you had better pay attention. It's loud, persistent, and never-ending, a lot louder than normal chick conversation. The closer together the chirps come, the higher the threat risk.

    A chick close to death will lie on its side, not chirping, perhaps gaping its beak, eyes closed. By that time you probably have already diagnosed it as sick. But if you see a chick do that all of a sudden, you had better get some sugar water and electrolytes into it asap. It's gone into shock for some reason, maybe too hot or too cold or hasn't been able to get enough water, and these measure may revive it.
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    Or bovidr labs nutri-drench if you have time. Best to keep a preventative bottle on hand. Unlike the other helps it doesn't need digesting. Mainlines directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the weak g.i. tract. HTTP://www.nutridrench.com Best, Karen
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    You already got good answers. Just remember to look for pasty butt even when you don't expect it.

    For me, once they start looking like they are gasping for air is usually the end or when they don't move and complain when someone jumps on them. If they are that weak I put them in their own brooder where they won't be trampled and can save their energy to recover instead. And I help them get fluids every 20-30 minutes depending on how well they got some on the previous time. And also make sure they are about the right distance from the light (if that's what you're using) because if they don't have enough energy to move either way they over heat or chill too much without you ever being able to hear the little helpless peep. [​IMG]

    Nutridrench is good. If you don't have it, electrolyte recipe is.. 2 cups warm water, 2 Tablespoons brown sugar (or white or molasses), 1/2 teaspoon each salt and baking soda. Stir until dissolved and serve full strength. It is best if you have Poly Vi Sol baby vitamins with NO iron and add a few drops, (the B's being important and not in all baby vites).

    @3riverschick how does that happen? The main lining thing. Is it because it absorbs under the tongue like some other things do? Or do you know the process? I have never bought it because I didn't realize it would work differently. But if what you are saying is true... then that would seem way more effective at the purpose of saving a failing chick over just supporting a good start. And therefor worth spending my money on! And so also, the nutridrench is much different than sav-a-chick? I just figured they were the same. Guess I will have to look into them. I don't by hype, but I do appreciate personal experience from consumers and actual knowledge!
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    Feb 20, 2016
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    So we have one BO that is definitely slower than the rest. I didn't know about the wings held too low. She is doing a bit better after some egg. Still not as active as the other 3 though. She will go to water and food on her own, just not as frequent as the others. I just put a little dab of blue-kote on her tush.. it looked like her feathers had been getting plucked :( Wondering how much direct nutri-drench I should give? This morning was day number 3 of getting it once a day. They also all have it in the waterer as a week tea.[​IMG] this pic was yesterday.. at the moment.. the poor thing is a little purple from the blue kote! [​IMG]
  7. abcn123s

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    Feb 20, 2016
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    She just passed away tonight.. when I went in to check on everyone, she was sprawled out on the floor. [​IMG]
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    So sorry. I know you did all you could! [​IMG]

    I was trying to find dosing info on that nutridrench just now. But didn't see anything saying how often was safe to give directly.
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    so very sorry [​IMG]
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    Feb 23, 2017
    Hi, I know this thread is for chicks but I can't find any were else to post.

    I got 10 baby ducks from TSC any 4 weeks ago and I have had one since I got it when it eats or drinks it turns its head completely upside down to eat and drink and when it is just walking or sitting it's Neck is in a kink and it's head it's turned on its side and if I put him up his head hangs down and turns upside down if I set him on to rug in my brooding room a.k.a my basement he runs in a very fast circle till he falls over then he gets up and does it agen it seems to be getting worse the older he gets if know one can help me here maybe someone can point me to the right thread thanks I will try to post pics and a video

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