eagle killed my goose


8 Years
Dec 1, 2011
Rainier, Oregon
early this morning I went out and had let all my birds out just like every other morning(500 chickens, 108 ducks, 15 geese). A little bit after I let them out
I noticed that all my chickens and most of my ducks where running to get in the coops or up against the fence and the geese where going crazy so I ran out to see what was going on and i noticed my 4 sebastopol geese and my chinese gander where grouped together and going nuts then they all decided to run over to the fence to get under cover but one of my sebastopol geese had her back to the rest of the geese and did not see the rest of them run and by time she had turned around and noticed the other where gone a huge baldeagle(about 4 ft wing span) had swooped down and landed on her back and killed her (she was 13 months old) then flew away with the goose in her talons in all my time i have never heard of a adult goose getting killed and carried off by an eagle worst day of my life:( R.I.P
Sorry for your loss

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