Easter egger silkies and maran crosses- 6 week old


Free Ranging
May 21, 2017
Okay here they are around 12 weeks. I still don't know about the black olive Eggers.

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Looks like all are pullets except for the one on the far right. Though I can't see the brown one that clearly.
:) Yes he's been a suspect for weeks. Weirdly he (or someone) crowed once or twice a few weeks ago, then never again. I never caught him doing it so I wasn't for sure it was him though. Is it weird that he hasn't crowed again? He had some red on his wings at around six weeks too, that's why he's always been a suspect. It's a good thing; I've been wanting to mate a half silkie back with a full silkie to get the fluff but with bigger eggs and more genetic diversity. Fingers crossed on that project.

I'm pretty pumped about the black ones being girls! All my rooster's kids lay light green eggs, and their mom is a very dark laying maran. Dark olive green eggs coming up?

Does anyone know what would happen if I mated the half-silkie boy with his half-silkie half-sisters?
25% of their offspring would have silkied feathers.
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