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    Jun 15, 2008
    One of my hens is sitting on her eggs now. [​IMG] But my question is, will she get off of them long enough to eat and drink? I dont keep feed in the coop just scatter it 2 times a day. I havent seen her eat since Friday evening. Should a put some food and water close to her nest so she can get some food and water? any info is appreciated. thanks and have a great day!
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    I bet you get a million different answers but I personally do put a small handful of scratch next to my broody girls and also pick them a few handfuls of fresh grass, clover and such. They will go get water and go poop during the day but don't always go eat so I put it in there. Sometimes it's a couple days it seems til one will go poop but they do go..and it is S T I N K Y!!!! I've got Buff Orpingtons and they do get off the eggs and go get water or check out a "snack" I've brought the others if there's enough commotion going on about it but otherwise they don't abandon ship.
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    Yes, put some food and water right next to her. She will probably leave the nest for a short period each day to eat, drink and poop but watch her carefully to be sure. It's best if you can put them in a kennel or somewhere where others won't bother her and she will feel safer leaving her nest and she can eat and drink.

    I lost a young Buff who went broody and got so nervous as others came and went from coop that she wouldn't leave her nest and stayed there for a month and wouldn't eat or drink and eventually died from becoming too weak. She was leaving the nest towards the end for short periods but I didn't realize till it was too late that she wasn't eating or drinking - just walking over to a bush and getting under it for a rest.

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