EE hen x dom roo --- the sound of the hatch


Nov 28, 2015
She didnt make it. :( (graphic image below)
She couldnt break through the membrane, and never chirped much.
I opened the shell AFTER i heard nothing for a couple of hrs.
The first thing i noticed was the beak didnt develop quite right. The lower beak protrudes, or upper is too short. I actually noticed this(?) in my video. At the end i said the beak doesnt look "pointy"(maybe bc lower beak ext too far?).
Sad, but i have a better mouse trap (incubator) with six eggs.

Also, i have one awesome new chick. I put him down on sidewalk outside, to show the parents. MAN is this little guy quick! Like lightning! Honestly, he was moving fast and made 3 quick jukes. I was afraid i wouldnt be able to catch him! He's only 4 days!


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