Egg bound or broody?

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    I have a white cochin who has been in her nest box for 2 days. I thought maybe she was egg bound so I brought her in the house yesterday, soaked her in a warm epsom salt bath. She got fidgety and jumped up on the side of the tub and pooped a rather large poop. She had been soaking probably 10-12 minutes. I put her in a crate, covered it and let her be for a while. Checked on her frequently but she just stood there. After a while I checked her vent. It seemed to be pulsating some. I tried to put oil there to help the egg come out. After a while I crushed up calcium tabs and added it to her water and then mixed some of the water with food. she waited a bit but then started acting normal again. She ate and drank and was walking around. She was dry so I took her outside. I watched her as she rejoined the free ranging flock. After a while I went back inside bc she seemed to be doing fine. Went out an hour later and she was back in the nesting box, a different one this time. When I locked everyone up last night around 6:30 she was still in the box. This morning she is still in the box. Is she broody or egg bound? Thanks in advance.

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    Sure sounds broody to me. I think your decision is whether to break her from being broody or give her fertile eggs.

    I would never do this, I don’t think it is at all necessary, but you can get a surgical glove and a lubricant and feel inside her vent. If there is an egg stuck in there you should be able to feel it.

    Cochin are known to go broody a lot. Production hens are the ones that are more prone to get egg bound. Cochin are not a production breed. Of course anything is possible but to me the odds are overwhelming that she is broody.
  3. She sounds Broody.....Does she puff up and growl if you try to pick her up......Does she lay on the ground if you put her out of the nest box and then act frantic to eat quickly and drink water and then run as fast as her legs can carry her back to a nest?

    That is a Broody hen......They have GIANT poops........

  4. Sounds broody.... but is she sitting in an empty box or on eggs? They don't seem to have the whole growly thing on the first day or so of brooding (here), but they quickly become that way puffed up and making a weird clucking sound, wings puffed out. My silkie has done that laying on the ground thing that chickens really described as well. I tried giving her eggs but she keeps going back to the wrong box..

    Can you tell me how crushed calcium would help an egg bound hen please? [​IMG]
  5. The crushed calcium helps expel the egg.....


  6. I'm not trying to be ugly....

    Do you know why or how that happens? Like a scientific type answer?

    My brain likes to be able to reason things out, so if I understand the reason WHY something works....Then my brain can process it.

    Thank you for taking your time to respond! [​IMG]
  8. Also Merry Christmas to all......Even to those who question me all the time.....

    Happy Holidays...


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  9. Merry Christmas to you!

    I don't actually mean to question you, I just seek knowledge. Thank you!

    I'm sorry if it seems personal, I promise it isn't... I respect you and have even invited your specific knowledge to threads I was on. (Hope it didn't bother you when I did.) I think your info is good and I'm sure I will learn more from you throughout time! [​IMG]


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