Egg glop.. goopy sticky mess that's killing chicks in the egg


9 Years
Sep 14, 2010
Saskatchewan, Canada
This is the first year I've done a dry hatch and I have a phenomena that is baffling me and killing chicks. Some people have seen this before, but no one has been able to tell me WHAT and WHY and HOW to fix it. In my case, this is killing chicks in the egg. It's different from shrinkwrapping, where that membrane gets hard on the chick. This... snotty gelatinous stuff hardens in the air, capturing and freezing chicks inside the egg until they just die. If an egg pips and is dry around the beak, I've been pulling them in order to get the glob of goop out and have a bloody chick in the bator because he wasn't ready to be out. Does anyone know the what why and how on this?

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I've got an idea! What was your humidity? I just had someone tell me they got "glue" from too high of humidity.

They said you want it no higher than 60% now lower than 55%.

Its a start. Hope I can help!
I've fixed the links! Sorry about that.

My incubators (Farm innovators =/) Will only do 20, 40 and 80$ sustainably. I have kept them at 40% for right now. I've had a low humidity hatch before in a different bator (hovo). I found that the white membrane would become sticky and cause the chick to work harder, but this is different. This glop hardens and freezes the chick in place, like a rock!

Thanks so much.

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