Egg Hatching


May 8, 2017
Nevada Texas
I am new at this and so is my missy. She has been sitting on eggs in a coop for the last month and not a single one has hatched. The weather has been unusual this year. Does that prevent the eggs from hatching? Would she know if the babies are not alive? Can anyone help?
Most guinea eggs will hatch from 27 to 29 days. Were the eggs fertile? Did they get really cold before she went broody on them? Or, seeing you are in Texas, did the eggs get too hot? Or too old? Did other guinea hens lay eggs in her nest after she set? I would give her a few more days and then see if you can steal a couple of eggs to candle.
@red horse ranch gave you good advice.

To more specifically address your questions, weather does not usually "prevent" eggs from hatching after the hen is sitting on the nest, because she generally does a good job of adjusting for weather changes. However, something could happen to the eggs prior to her sitting on the nest.

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