Egg Size Question - Pekins


5 Years
Mar 17, 2018
Shenandoah Valley
My Pekin sometimes lays enormous eggs and, when she does, they are usually double yolks. I can’t find anything on the web to help me understand why this happens, if it’s abnormal, if there’s an underlying health issue and should I be concerned...? Pic comparing my Runner, Ancona and Pekin eggs. Thoughts? Thanks!
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She hasn't been laying long - maybe 6 weeks or so... She eats Mazuri Waterfowl feed mixed with oats and brewer's yeast (switching to nutritional yeast this week). Treats include peas, kale, dandelion, meal worms and whatever she finds while foraging. She has free access to oyster shell and grit.
Ducks will do just fine on a good quality chicken layer feed, I wouldn't give them anything extra as the Mazuri feed is a pretty good feed. I wouldn't worry about her laying double yolkers, She's still adjusting to the whole laying thing.

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