eggs developing really quick-should I be worried?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by perfectly_polish, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. perfectly_polish

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    Mar 1, 2007
    I put 5 eggs in the incubator from my own chickens and I was worried because the first week they were in the incubator the temp. went up really high because of the weather and it was hard to keep brining down. I hottest it got was 103, and I thought that, that would have killed them, but I candled them on day 9 and they were all fertile and living. So I candled them last night which was day 14 and they were all alive but were taking up all the room in the shell all you could see was the air cell a few veins and the chick moving every so often. Will they hatch early, is there anything to be worried about? Their hatch date is next monday, I'll keep you updated!

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    Jun 13, 2007
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    I'm not sure, but good luck and let us know how it goes!
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    They should be fine. Increasing temperature for one day won't speed them up that much. Sounds about right with what you have. I bet the light is caught on the chick and you aren't seeing the empty space on the bottom side of the egg. (pointy end)

    Here's what day 12 looks like, 14 should be more filled in.


    In that pic you can see that there is space on the non air cell side of the egg. If your light is not as strong and you have brown eggs, you won't see that and will instead just see the line at the front side of the chick on the side of the air cell. I bet they are fine.

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