Eggs with blood on the outside

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  1. ChickenTom

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    Jan 1, 2011
    We have 12 gorgeous girls who are about 6 months old...laying beautifully. BUT we are finding a random brown egg with blood on it. We are worred about our girls. Not sure which one it is. Not consistent but enough blood that we are concerned. Thoughts? Should we be worried? What should be do?

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    A smear of blood on the eggs of new layers is a normal occurance. Was it more than a smear?

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    Most likely as she is just breaking small blood vessels as she is pushing out eggs, nothing to worry about unless they are covered in huge amounts of blood.
  4. ChickenTom

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    Jan 1, 2011
    We would call it more than a smear, but we could just be nervous parents! Has happened maybe 6-8 times over the last 2 months.
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    Welcome to BYC! Our you layers sometimes have blood on the outside of their eggs, their bodies are just getting used to laying progressively larger eggs. I wouldn't worry, for us it is just a normal part of our girls being new layers.

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Thank you everyone! We are happy we finally logged onto BYC. We have been watching this site for months! You guys rock!
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    Quote:Glad you joined us and [​IMG]
  8. Quote:I checked with our vet about that, as we were freely giving kitchen leftover snacks to the chickens then the salmonella outbreak happened; he sent stool specimens to his lab for Ova&Parasite, culture and fungal smear, the tests resulted all fine. It cost me $31 to have the chickens' poop tested.

    I could only stop worrying after my vet said they were OK. If you're as much a worry-wart as I am, I'd recommend the peace of mind that lab report ensures!

    Bloody diarrhea is often a sign of bowel infection. But in chickens, who are pretty much giving birth daily, blood from the vent can just be from "skid marks". One of our littlest hens even had a prolapsed vent; fixed with old fashioned preparation H and occasional plain gel lubricant. Maybe pick up and inspect your hens' vents? See if one could use a little help?
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    It will get easier as your hens mature. If you have ever watched a hen lay an egg you are aware that it takes a large effort to expel an object that large. As the hens' tract stretches, you will see fewer instances of blood streaking on the eggs.[​IMG]
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