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    Feb 3, 2009
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    I have a cukoo maran that lays a very dark egg but it looks like it has frost on it is their something wrong with the eggs? I have not eaten any because of this. I have put them in the trash. the inside looks OK but the frosted dark color out side kind of turns my taste. The shell is real rough too. any one know what is going on The other hens eggs are OK
  2. I think all hens can have shell "abnormalities"... that are normal;) Some will have extra calcium deposits on the shell, making them rough (you'll even find this on the white store bought eggs from the grocers). Other production eggs are pulled before they hit the stores if they have unusual shells...not because they are inferior, but because consumers want and expect perfection. The insides taste the same, and are fine to eat.[​IMG]

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