8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
when i candle the brown eggs in my incubator, day 4, i can see loads of spots what are they ?
If I were you, I'd google for pictures of a porous egg. I'm guessing that's the spots you are seeing. If it does not look like a porous egg and the spots are dark rather than light, it's probably a bacteria and I'd throw it out. You definitely want to look at pictures to determine which it is though, because porous eggs can hatch, but rotten ones can explode. I'm incubating my first batch of eggs, and I have some porous ones, and I just threw out a rotten one.
I just through out a rotton one to. It smelled really bad! I have 3 duck eggs (khaki campbells) and two unknown chicken eggs that were suppost to be shipped as duck eggs lol. Im keeping my
If it is speckled and something is inside it don't toss it!! (throw it away) All of my eggs were speckled and they all of them except 1 hatched! The one that didn't I already new wasn't gonna hatch because it had a lot of stuff on it so I think bacteria got in it. So if it is speckled don't give up!!

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