Electric fence on coop/run?

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  1. Sydstallion147

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Hi all! I'm a newbie here and I was wondering if there is any way to attach electric fencing onto my coop and attached run. my coop/run is 10 1/2 feet x 2 3/4 feet altogether (the coop is raised with run underneath it) so I don't think i need a very big energy source. We are going away this weekend and I have nobody to watch my babies for me, so an electric fence is the only way I will feel safe leaving them alone. Plus we will be moving out to the country in a couple weeks, so an electric fence would be handy there too. Of course, I didn't know I wouldn't have somebody to watch my chickens for me until the day we are leaving! So any information on what I need and how to install electric fence that you can give me asap is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    On a Saturday when businesses are closed. I’d suggest calling Premier otherwise. They have good phone help. Well we handle what life throws at us. You can try calling them at 800-282-6631. They might answer on a weekend.

    Go to Premier’s website and look at their articles at the bottom of this page.


    It’s not that complicated once you figure out what to do, but it’s not something I’d do without a bit of research, too much potential for a mistake. It can be confusing. But your local feed store probably has everything you need. Good luck!
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    I suggest considering having fence insulators somehow mounted to coop / pen so hot-wire is about 6" from coop. Have so switch / breaker is near where you approach door. Make the switch large enough so it is obvious whether the circuit is open or closed from a distance. Ideally the fencer produces a sound or light that also enables assessing whether power is on so make so you can detect one easily. I stress because all to skilled getting zapped when working around the pen.

    A low output charger that is solar charged is what I use which requires more frequent investment in weed management to keep everything hot.

    You can either have pen or earth connected to ground; I suggest latter if coop to be in a fixed location.

    If you coop is of the homemade type like mine you are likely to use a hodge-podge of fencing materials to supplement the kit you get from somewhere like Premier.

    My favorite setup has multiple pens surrounded by a single 164' length of electrified poultry netting. Then you have the option of free-ranging birds in area that is relatively safe from ground predators
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    Jul 5, 2016
    Electric fence is only defense against climbing animals
  5. Sydstallion147

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    Jul 2, 2016
    My coop/run is not that strong (I bent in one side panel of hardware cloth with my knee!) so an electric fence will also deter bigger predators from coming up and ripping the wire out. I ended up just leaving my hens without an electric fence for the weekend and they were fine. The only casualty was the food which they knocked over and trampled because I forgot to hang it up :rolleyes:.I think I will just buy an electric fence kit from menards to put around their coop and it will be fine.
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