EMERGENCY.... very very sick Pekin duck

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    I have a very sick 4 mos. old pekin hen. I took her to the vet today who took two xrays, she sounds a bit raspy when she breathes the xray showed her lungs were fine but her gastrointestinal tract was obvious and fluid filled. The vet put her on sulfatrim. I am giving her that (she has had two doses) as well as honey to get her blood sugar up and syringing her water. I am reading that terramycin is better than the sulfatrin but she is not eating or drinking on her own. I am not sure what I can feed her that will give her some energy or how much is a reasonable amount to force feed her... she is just 4 pounds. I would really appreciate any help you all might be able to offer. The vet did not think she would make it but I have to give her the best shot that I can.... thank you so much .... you can see how poorly she is ... she is sleeping here
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  2. Oh the poor thing! Are you tube feeding her? As for the meds, can you mix it in a syringe (no needle of course) and put it in her bill? Will she eat watermelon or anything like that? Grapes? Tube feeding is probably the best approach to helping her. Please let us know how she's doing. My heart goes out to you and your duck.
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    I dont know how to tube feed.... I wish I did ... I just don't I can tube feed a pupppy but not a duck
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    The feed store usually carries packets of vitamins and electrolytes. That may help her :) hope that she is better soon :)
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    Wow, she looks sick. I'm sure your vet already told you this, but I'll say it just in case she didn't. She needs to be kept inside where it's warm, 80-85 degrees is ideal. Did your vet do a gram stain? Did your vet give her fluids? Did she comment on her hydration? All animals must have their hydration corrected before force feeding, so you should be giving nothing but the sugar water now, but if she can't hold her head up she probably should have fluids given subcutaneously, not orally.

    I'm a little surprised she gave you Sulfatrim and not Baytril, but she probably has her reasons. IMO, a duck this sick should have injectable antibiotics, not oral ones, but again, maybe the vet has her reasons. The Sulfatrim is a good one, better than tetracycline, I think.

    If you can tube a puppy, you can tube a duck. If she's still alive in the morning, call your vet and ask if they'll sell you a tube and syringe. also ask them if they can show you how to do subcutaneous fluids, and while you have them on the phone, ask if Baytril would be a better choice.

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  7. Shabana

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    Poor baby!
    Sending you our prayers and hugs.
    I'm so glad she has you.
    Hope she makes it xx
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    How's this duck doing today?
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    No advice, but sending well wishes your way. :( I hope she gets better!

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