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5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
I am new to BYC but have read lots of posts about different things to help with raising my chickens and ducks.
My husband and I have 2 rabbits (1 mini-lop - delilah, 1 adopted albino rex - samson), a goat - nanny, a chicken - white hen, 5 green teal ducks - frank, jemimah, rosemary, daphne and their baby frank junior (who is now 12 weeks old so not much of a baby anymore), and most recently we have taken in a pacific black duckling - little duckling.
The duckling was found by local kids in our community with 3 others, 2 died at the kids house (they have camp dogs), so the kids brought the remaining 2 to me to look after, my guess was that they were only 3-4 days old. The smaller one died on the second night I had them but I have now had little duckling for 2 weeks and it is happy and growing very quickly.
Two days ago I noticed that little duckling's right eye was closed a lot but it looked ok, no swelling or obvious signs of infection.
I gave it a warm bath in the bathroom sink and it splashed around and cleaned its face and its eye opened and closed a couple of times. Since then it has gotten worse, and won't open the eye at all, and the eyelid looks very swollen. I have washed it with saline and carefully opened the eyelid to try to get a look at the eyeball, it seems quite milky so I am assuming it is going blind?
The duckling is still happy and doesn't seem to be in pain, it is still eating, drinking and pooing normally, I just don't want infection (if that's what it is) to spread to the other eye, at the moment the other eye is looking normal. I live in a remote town in australia and the nearest vet it 2 hours drive away, I am just wondering if it is too late to treat it and what will happen to the eye if I leave it to go blind?
I keep little duckling inside most of the time but put it outside for about an hour each afternoon in our mesh chicken coop with fresh hay on the ground and a clean container for it to swim in, the other's can't get into the chicken coop. At night I put in my rabbit's car carry cage with fresh water and food every day. When it's not in either cage it follows me around the house and sleeps on or near me on the couch.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Little duckling is currently curled up asleep on my shoulder as it likes to be up high :)
thanks! Emma
Hi Nicole,
since we're remote we don't have a local feed store so unfortunately that isn't an option :(
I am going to call an avian vet but have to wait til they open, will see what they have to say :)
If you notice any type of white puss or extreme redness you might want to try and get antibiotics, but if it's just closed I think you can wait it out.
I have just spoken to the avian vet and they recommended taking it to my vet to get checked and given anti-b's, will have to try to get into town, thanks for your help :)

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