Exhibition Poultry Magazine

Thank You! You are welcome to forward the link anywhere you wish. I just received an email where one reader had already printed out three copies to take to their church members this morning who have poultry.
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This is great ! Thanks for posting. I have already emailed to friends. Would it be ok to post a link on my website ?

I am just a little bit grateful you don't live down here! That pretty four point buck I saw yesterday would NOT be safe!

. . . And neither would a certain black pullet we both know. But A least I would know where to look for her if she came up missing!

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Harry . . . no problem. I appreciate it.! Anyone who wants to post a link to the magazine site is welcome to. A lot of work went into this first issue, it's free, in full color, and I think it has a lot of good information in it. I hope everyone agrees on that.

The URL is: http://www.ExhibitionPoultry.net

I would like to let everyone know that Exhibition Poultry Magazine will have a "For The Beginners" article / section in each issue and if there is a subject that you feel l need to cover please email me about it. We are already at work on the November issue.

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