Expanded the coop Sunday

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    Sunday DH and I expanded the chicken coop to accomodate the growing chicks. I tried to put the chickens on the guinea side and the guinea rooster was not nice. Since it was a hog house, adding panels is a snap. DH's grandpa really designed it nicely. Brackets on the support beams fit between the panels and a pole slides thru the brackets and secures the panel.

    Instead of framing in a doorway, some of the panles had hinges on them. So DH mounted the hinged panels two high on both sections of the front of the coop. He added a 2x4 lenghtwise, so all I have to do is remove the pole and swing both panels out, like a large door. Its really cool and makes accessing the coop very easy.

    The one lonely keet was getting picked on by one black hen. He darts thru the space between the panels. So we blocked up the alleyway and set it up for him. He will go and mingle w/the chickens until that one hen picks on him and then the speed demon darts back thru the panel.

    The cardboard box is my brooder.

    two sectioned hinged panels

    first panel open



    the blocked alleyway for the keet
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    Looks like a good set up. I'd put some sawdust or pine chips (or even straw) in there to keep their feet from having troubles and make it more comfortable for them.

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