Extreme pecking (graphic picture)

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6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
Hi everyone,
A very sad start to my morning while doing my chicken routine: I noticed one of my favorites (what I thought was ) laying by our duck pond, s/he was actually stuck there and had his head pecked clean down to the muscle. There is not skin there much less feathers. He is inside now, eating and drinking and otherwise good spirits. Sprayed the infection w vetericyn wound and infection care.
Are there any other tips or advice I should know about?
I'm sorry to hear about your injured bird. It sounds like you are doing a good job taking care of him--I would just clean the wound daily with warm soapy water, apply some antibiotic ointment (nothing that contains "caine/cain" ingredients, as those are harmful to birds) and/or Vetericyin to the wound, and try to keep it clean. Watch for signs of infection (bad smell, a lot of pus, etc.) and if necessary treat with an antibiotic like Penicillin.

But don't worry too much about your rooster. Chickens have an amazing ability to heal quickly and efficiently from gruesome wounds. In a few weeks or months, it is likely that you won't even know your rooster was ever attacked. Good luck!
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Hi bantamlover- thank you for your response. She is recovering beautifully! Of course I made the mistake of housing her w the other chicks again once it scabbed over. I thought since it was so dark they wouldn't pick at it- and they didn't while I was out and
supervising. When I got home from running an errand, sure enough it was opened back up :(
So I guess she will just have to stay separated until it is fully healed. How disappointing. But on the brighter side she seems happy as ever!

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