Eye swollen shut PLEASE HELP......

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    About 2 week ago one of my birds became gurgely. I Seperated her for 3 days and treated her 3 times a day with Vetrex. Then I started noticing it in more of our birds. Last week I started all of my birds on Dimician 10. I have given all my birds this antibiotic for 7 days now. Today nothing has improved. Today I've noticed that 3 of our birds have white swollen shut eyes. Help I don't know what else to do. This is the first time in 4 years I have had a sickness. Should I kill them all and start over??
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    Aug 27, 2009
    Seperate the sick ones from the healthy ones. If anyone knows please help i have a rooster like this and im trying to get some vet rx for him but is it a cold or eyeworm?
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    If an antibiotic did not work, you are probably dealing with a virus. Personally, I'm completely against throwing antibiotics at birds blindly since all it does in the case of a virus is create antibiotic resistance for when you really need it. I am also dead set against treating respiratory illness, so I am not the one to ask since I'm always blasted when I contribute on these threads. If they are not improving, my only solution is to cull, which usually makes folks very angry, so that's all I'm going to say. You need testing to see what you're dealing with. Call the state vet or a poultry lab and see how you can go about having one necropsied. Then you'll have more to go on and can decide what to do.

    VetRx is NOT a medication, really. It only perhaps helps them breathe if they are clogged up.

    solarquail, you need to start your own thread or your situation will be lost in this one.
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    The funny thing is one week before all this started I had the state man out to do our yearly NPIP and Avairian Testing. No problems until after that.[​IMG]
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    All you have done is shown that whatever illness this is, is not responsive to (dimician& vetrx). Vet rx is like vicks- not really helpful. I don't know what dimician is- antibiotic? . SOME bacterial infections will get better if the right spectrum antibiotic at the right strength/concentration is used. There are many bacterial infections and many antibiotics out there. A viral infection will not be helped by any antibiotic. Did you bring in any new birds a few weeks before the illness showed up?
    Best thing to do is ID the bug, then you can base your treatment/cull/quarantine/monitor decision based on that. Contact your poultry extension people for help.

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    call them back, maybe they brought something in on feet or tires.

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    That's a thought, picklebird. I know they are usually careful, but heck, it's what I was always afraid of, that they would bring something in after going from place to place.

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    Quote:Give me a call i know exactly what this is and can help. Shaun

    Please PM for the phone number.
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    Shaun, how do you know for certain? Share please. I have to remove your phone from your post, sorry. You can PM the OP of the thread with your number. [​IMG]
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