Fatal error message no access to active auctions

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Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
Cannot go to provide and get my auctions to list from there?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function showlisting() in /home/backyard/public_html/forum/auction_showlistings.php on line 25

Hope this can be fixed!!! Really rely on it! nancy

Update, closed reopened mozilla foxfire ...still no auction info when I went to auctions....

I'll go check internet explorer...No access to auctions...sigh no sales,,, means I go buy 4 incubators today!!!!

Went to internet === same error message. Sigh... Praying for a cure for this!!!
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Nancy-we're all getting that:-( No mods are on right now but Im sure they'll be on this issue as soon as they see it:)

4 new bators huh??? oooh good for you!
LOL SoNew1234 Just got back from the CHurch kids breakfast before the Famine. 30 hours without eating for this crew will be a real miracle.... They went on to school but the 20 of them ate 1 gallon of my sourdough pancake batter cooked of course, 3 flats of our eggs etc. Enough for a grown football player.....I so look forward to the reports from them and will go spend a few sleepless hours there tonight!!! smile!

Yeah It's back up!!! PTL....An have a blessed and happy day........mmmmmI could still use 4 ore incs.... I better not!!!! Devil be gone (not to you SONEW!!!))))))))
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