Feather foot experts! Brahma hen w/bloody foot


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Nov 9, 2007
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Hi. I just noticed one of my brahma hens has a bloody foot. The blood appears to be coagulating and I don't see active bleeding. It looks like one of her (what I call) pin feathers has been broken off. She's not in any distress. The only distress she shows is when I pick her up to try and look at it.
Is this something to leave alone and let nature heal or is there a treatment for it?
Yes, by all means let it heal on it's own. You could put some Blue-kote on there to keep the other birds from pecking at it...but there's a limited amount of blood in the quill of the feather. It'll run out and no problem to the bird. If you'd prefer you could put some flour on the bloody area to stop any more blood from "leaking." But it shouldn't hurt her at all.
I rinsed off the blood from the surrounding feathers, being careful to avoid the exact spot where the feather is lost. They free-range all day long and only go in their coop to roost, after a short stop at the feeder; so I'm hopeful the others won't notice it and bother her.
Used to happen with Slifer all the time...if it was still bleeding I'd pinch the feather til it stopped. sometimes you can yank it out, but I couldn't do it. Your girl should be okay.

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