Feather picking >:(

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    Mar 7, 2009
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    My SLW (top chicken) started pulling out my Ameraucana's "fluff" on her backside, and eating it. Biddy ended up with some bloody spots before I saw what was going on. Betty (SLW) got put in a large pen inside their house for a few days. I'd let them all out together each day, because the picking only happened when they were inside their house. We slathered Biddy's backside with Bag Balm and let Betty re-join the other 2. She evidently got a few beakfuls of the Bag Balm and lost interest in picking.

    Fast forward to yesterday....Biddy's fluff has grown back and is almost as fluffy as before. While they were out, I saw Betty try to snatch a beakful. I told her NO (she responded right away...she knows what I mean!) and we again put Bag Balm on Biddy's fluff. I didn't notice anymore picking today, but I was gone most of the day anyway.

    Is there anything else I can use on Biddy to discourage Betty picking her feathers? Biddy is a very sweet, lovable chicken, who lays BIG beautiful green eggs, so I definitely don't want her to be hurt again. Betty isn't as friendly, but she's not a horrible chicken at this point....I'd like to keep her as long as possible. [​IMG]

    I think if I could apply something to Biddy's fluff that smelled really strong, that would be a good deterrent. Betty is really picky about trying new foods, and I think smell has something to do with it.

    Sorry for the novel! [​IMG] But thanks in advance for any advice or links.

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    I love the blue wound kote spray. It'll give her blue feathers for a while, but it seems to do the trick for me any time i have a problem. It has a color, a smell, and a flavor they definitely seem to not like - plus it's an antiseptic.
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    Nov 13, 2009
    I have heard you can put a red lightbulb in the henhouse. I makes so details in chickens don't show up as well to each other.
    also, somwhere I read about putting vinegar in water, but read up on this before you do it!!! I am only suggesting things that I have read somewhere but have never researched or tried!!!!
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    what are they fed.... with chicks you can increase the protein in their feed to stop it.
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    nzpouter, they get laying crumbles, plus all kinds of treats.....plain yogurt, scrambled egg, scratch, fresh fruits and veggies.....I don't think they are lacking in protein. I think Betty is just bored. GRRRR! I will get some Blu-Kote and try that. I found it the other day but didn't buy it because it was expensive....now I am willing to get it! I checked Biddy's backside today, and she has some naked spots. >[​IMG] Makes me so mad!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. [​IMG]
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    Most commercial layer feed is just at the border line on protein content and feeding anything as treats that has less protein in it than the feed has is reducing their protein below what they need, next stop feathers and after that chicken flesh.

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