Feed store and chicks RANT


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
March 4 I ordered 10 bantam cochins and 5 Salmon Favorolle pullets from Rural King. They said they would be in the following Monday. Monday came and went no chicks Tuesday same Wednesday same. Thursday went there just as their chicks were coming in. Stood around for a hour waiting for them to figure out if they came. NO CHICKS. I ask the girls what was the hold up. She looked up my order and said they hadnt been ordered. They were suppose to order them today and call me when they did. No call. So about 5 this afternoon I called. The guy that answered said he didnt know anything about it and would have the manager in charge of ordering call me when he got back from lunch. Never did call. I am about to tell them to give me my money back. The bad thing is I really want those chicks. I am going out of town tomorrow so they will probably call as soon as I am on the road to say they are in. Sorry this is so long I am just frustrated. Oh by the way people that ordered after me have already got their chicks.
If it was me, I'd be angry if I had ordered, but not paid. If I had paid, I would be FURIOUS!!! Time to talk to the store manager--whoever is in charge of the entire store, and express your extreme displeasure, and WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO MAKE IT RIGHT FOR YOU?
I would take a chill pill. Then I would tell the manager that you are going out of town and they will need to keep them alive till you get back. Then still being friendly let them know you intend to use them for future supplies and you feel they should give you a free waterer or something for your trouble. Be nice but firm. They screwed up but they can't go to the hatchery and get the birds. Be nice, it always works better than being hostile. Save hostile for later.
Go get your money back, and tell them you'll be spending it at a store that WANTS your business. Unless, of course, they're the only feed store within a 30 mile radius, in which case I'd work something out.
How many weeks have they mixed this up or just sat on the order? I guess it really depends on if you want to stick with them and buy your chicks from this outlet. Are there not other feed stores in your area that sell chicks? Check out Craigs list and place a fee ad. I bet you would get a private breeder that can hook you up no problem. Or, go direct and buy online and have them shipped right to you. Somehow I don't think the US Postal Service could be any worse than your current experience. I am picking up a Salmon Favorelle roo this weekend from a fellow BYC member that is about 30 min drive. Maybe someone on the forum is close and can get you what your looking for.
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Oh that sucks! I feel for you! If I had my Salmon Favorelles, I would have sold them to you but you were two years late LOL!

I would let them try to order the chicks or refund!

If you want, SHARE an order with me depending on where you are getting your chicks from. If you can order 15 or 20 chicks, I can order my half!

Let me know. But I need someone to brood the chicks for me until they feathered in. No one is broody right now.
Hi All!
I am in St Louis, I got a call this morning when I was just arriving in St. Louis from Rural King. They hadnt even ordered my chicks yet and if they did now they wont come in til April. I told them I was out of town so I would deal with it when I get back. In the meantime DD and I made a side trip to Cackle and guess what.... They had some buff bantam cochins but no faverolles. So here I set in the hotel room with 5 buff cochin bantams 3 silver penciled cochin bantams and a black and a blue silkie. They are in a tote with a heat lamp water and food. Some have a little pasty butt but after I get them warmed back up from the car ride I will take care of that.Here are my new fuzzy butts

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