Feeding cotournix with different ages and sex


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Jul 20, 2021
My Cotournix flock of 23 live together in an outdoor run that is vegetation and about 500 square feet. I have senior birds, year old birds, juveniles (4 weeks) and in 3-4 weeks will add 9 chicks that just hatched yesterday. The quail are pets with the bonus of eating eggs. I am trying to figure out what to feed them. I have heard that the protein level should be based on age and if they are laying. A 50# bag lasts me about a year, and it’s hard for me to store 3 different bags for over a year; maintenance, laying, and growth.
I worry about too high of protein causing the males to fight. Currently adding the juveniles I will have 5 roosters and 19 hens. Optimally, I would like to find a non GMO feed, and the silver lining would be organic and healthy without having to supplement. I am wondering what feeds work for other people with varying ages and laying only without artificial light.

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