Feeding times for chicks question

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May 18, 2015
I always thought chics and chickens in general needed access to grain feed 24/7 so thats what im currently doing with my chicks however im switching over to FF soon but dont think that can be left to sit out all day so thought of feeding them twice per day and only what they can eat in 1-2hrs max? Will my chicks be ok what if they get hungry im normally out middle of day so if i feed them twice a day it would be around 7am and 4pm.. Otherwise those of you who FF how do you feed it to your chicks? Do i leave them with a bit ofdry grain mix in a dirt tray so they can forage if they are hungry or some grass or other greens to scratch round in during the day... Notsure but want to offer FF but do t want them to starve either
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Not sure if this is the answer you seek, but my flock live confined in a coop/run enclosure. We leave their feed in large hanging feeder and change the feeder to a clean one and new feed once a week. Has worked well for us. Adding a little extra during the week if the feeder gets low.
Yes but thats only if ur feeding dry feed im planning on Fermenting my feed therefore the mixwill be wet and i wouldnt be able to just refill when feeder gets low
I answered your PM, but thought I'd put the answer here too in case anyone else needed it.

Basically, fermented feed left out will continue to ferment and be just fine for eating. I may stir it up a little ocassionally to "freshen it" which renews the chick's interest in it, but otherwise I just top it off with fresh FF when I see it's getting low.

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