Feeds from Genetically Modified grains threaten to fertility!!

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    I found this while doing research paper for college. A newly discovered pathogen is infecting soybean and corn crops wiping out crops. Livestock including poultry are suffering from dramatically reduced fertility rates as low as 15%. Then 45% of those few who are still fertile are experiencing spontaneous abortions. Dr Huber who identified the pathogen is a Professor and Plant Pathologist from Perdue University. Here is a link to a very interesting interview he gave posted on youtube, and a link to an article containing a brief summary of the info.

    Video link

    or an article link

    This is a very serious problem, bad things happen everytime we try to mess with mother nature.

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    THere has been a small group of wise people trying to stop this ever since GMO's came into productions. . It just has no hope to butte heads with the government over it. It takes a huge catastrophe for anyone to pay attention that GMO's are dangerous. We that know better have very little choice in refusing to plant and eat it. To find pure organic and GMO free crops if almost imposssible and the cost is so high.
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    Sometimes the topic of the negative health aspects GMO's comes up on horse forums as well as poultry forums.
    Sorry to say only a few see the dangers most people ignore it. Too bad there isn't a counter on this thread, to see how many people have watched the video.
    I think because it cannot be seen, or touched and hasn't directly impacted their lives, that they know of, people are apathetic about it. It is a slow and incidous "contamination".
    Many Scientists have great respect for Dr Huber's research. Unfortunately it is a uphill battle, too much money involved for the GMO crops to stop.
    I have read it is starting to backfire on them though.

    another report on soy, now add GM and Round Up to the mix and it becomes a really big health threat [​IMG]
  4. The discussions by Dr. Huber have definitely caused much discussion in Agriculture in the recent months.

    I attended a meeting where he spoke this past winter, he had much good information about the chelating ability of the glyphosate molecule and strategies to help improve yileds when using glyphosate in a cropping program with the use of trace elements, specifically Manganese.

    Unfortunately his credibility with me took a huge hit when he discussed this "new pathogen". He made dire predictions about the effects of this "new pathogen" but admitted they didn't konw what it was, could not define it, and could not give pictures of its structure because it was smaller than even bacteria.

    The typical agruments for or against glyphosate resistance and other GMO products are typically filled with cherry picked headlines or one lines from an extenxive study. For me GMO's have had a POSITIVE impact on our farm for several reasons. First, we have moved to completely No-Till which has reduced the erosion on our farm and dramatically reduced the amount of diesel fuel consumed for crop production. Secondly, we no longer use toxic OrganoPhosphates to control pests in our corn now that we utilize the BT technology. Finally, we have also reduced the amount and number of herbicides we use to control weeds in our crops.

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    I read a report some time ago from USDA APHIS That said that the coyotes do not attack the calves /cows as bad when fed the modified food even the yotes won't eat things infected by GMO's WOW might be the gov's attempt at a backhanded predator control
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    I am not a farmer and have absolutely no grounds to dispute, but I just wanted to show this article because I had just been reading that use of GMOs has coincided with increased use of herbicides. [​IMG] http://www.i-sis.org.uk/GMCIPU.php
    do you think?
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    There has been a couple of research papers done on food choice. Unfortunately not enough due to funding.
    Livestock are given a choice between GM feed or non GM feed. The animals prefer the non GM Feed but will eat the other if nothing else is offered.

    A older report from Russia on GM food

    There is a bunch of reports coming to the same conclusion from several other countries. Oddly enough those countries have also banned the importation of GM products.
    The Canadian Flax industry was hit hard when the EU would not accept GM Triffid Flax. EU is the #1 buyer of Canadian flaxseed.
    Canada stopped growing GM flax but it still shows up in shipments, so they conclude it must be some cross contamination (wind blown GM Flax seed)

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