Felix D, rising 2 year old Barockpinto colt-pics! - New pics on Page 2


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Aug 17, 2008
Here's my baby boy who measures over 15.2hh & weighed in at just over 1000lbs yesterday :)
He's a Feb '11 stud colt who has a wonderful, loving nature & a powerful jump. I'll be putting him into long lines in the next few months in preparation for a 2 wheel carriage until he is mature enough for backing :)
He loves kisses & fruit more than anything, in that order & likes to get snorty, photogenic & acting like an arabian show colt when I take him out for walks but he's very handle-able & lets the tiny kids down the road be lifted up to stroke his neck on his way past while I talk to their parents, as long as I give him a hand heel to chew on to distract him from boredom :p
He had his first professional farrier trim last week instead of home trims & although I had to run him to a strange barn with other horses last moment, he stood like an angel for it & the farrier was very impressed because he was quite intimidated working with a yearling the size of Felix.

Enjoying my dairy apron when I came to wash him:

His first lunging, to get rid of energy before his bath. Walk:



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He is gorgeous!
He's such a good boy who loves people & his kisses. I can't wait to break him to harness & saddle. He's going to be awesome!! I can already sit on his back though I don't.
All I can say is WOW! He looks great. He is going to be an awesome dressage horse. And he looks so funny biting that apron.
Do you plan on teaching him any tricks? (bow, lie down, Spanish walk, etc). Thanks for the update.

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