Ferbreeze around chickens...


Mar 30, 2015
Happy easter :)
I know this is a dumb question but is ferbreeze bad for chickens? My brother sprayed the ground and stuff my chickens where eating and then said it smells good :smack
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Sorry about my bad spelling:D my chickens are fine! I looked up on the Internet and saw that frebreeze is NOT toxic to pets such as chickens dogs or other animals and that its made of corn starch or something. But I also saw in the ingredients for frebreeze that it's hazerdis (horrible spelling I know...:) to demestic animals and humans. It's this true?
Ok dumb post right. Sorry... :)
For anyone who want too know if feebreeze is ok around chickens... It is! I mean not like for cleaning your coop but if your dumb brother sprays their run and grass with it they should be fine! :)

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