fighting amongst the babies

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    I have 1 chick that is 6wks.old and the other gang of 32 are 2wks.old.I put them out in the barn yesterday for about 2hrs watching them they all seemed to do ok together.Just alittle bumping by the little ones who actually would run up to the big chick stand real tall look her in the eye and starting the chest bumping.Now today they are out there together and the little lite colored chicks who seem more aggressive ran up to the big one and started it again she moved back out of the way then the little one pecked the big one on the neck and hung on the big one chirped real loud then did the same thing to the little one who then ran off.I think they are just establishing their order do you think?
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    I've never had chicks of widely different ages together, but ...

    I know mine always did a lot of sparring at times ... sometimes they do it more when they are moved to a new place too.

    I have two light brahmas that are more aggressive than the buff orps and there is a LOT of sparring going on in that pen. They are about 8-1/2 weeks old. Nobody gets hurt though. If someone gets too rough, the victim runs away chirping.

    (LOL, when they see me, the brahmas run up to my hand, screech on the brakes, and puff their little chests out ... sometimes they bump my hand or peck me.)

    But yeah, they are probably fine. Especially if it's mostly the little ones picking on the big one. I might worry if a much larger chick was attacking smaller ones, but ... I don't think they will hurt each other being the same size or smaller.

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    They are children. And children play. It must be quite entertaining.

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