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Mar 26, 2013
I have failed to hatch any eggs out everytime I've tried. I made up my mind if i failed this time I would give up trying. I have had problems everytime and never even had a pip. The first time I didn't give them long enough. I felt bad about that. The second try my thermometer was off plus I had a rotten one so not sure which one was the culprit for killing them that time. My third batch I put twelve eggs in incubator #1 with egg turner. I added the fourth batch a week later. I didn't realize until I was putting batch #4 in incubator #2 and discarding the others what i done wrong. I stuck my thermometer from incubator #1 into incubator #2 and realized I was reading incubator #2s wrong. It was on 110º when I thought it was at 100º. So I must have cooked those twelve eggs. Poor things. I adjusted the temp and have been monitoring the humidity. Its now day 20 for the last batch and I have 3 eggs pipped. I'm so excited. Who knew hatching eggs could be so hard and so stressful. After all my confusion, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have figured it out at last.
Here is hoping for success this go around. i also have 2 eggs pipped this my first time ever hatching and i am so worried about mine my hatch date id 5/12 but since I noticed the pip not much progress
Thank you, wishing you luck with yours too. I hear a little bit of chirping coming from mine but I haven't noticed any more progress. Just gonna give them time. :D
Thank you I am so excited can't wait i thought I heard some noise in my but not sure wishful thinking
I have 2 chicks and 4 more pipped
I am very excited Hope yours is going well post pic's when you get babies would love to see them
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