Finally got chickens, but now...

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8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
Hello folks,
Well, I finally got the chickens after almost 2 years of waiting and dawdling. I'm now looking for better ways to provide feed and drink for them. For food, I'm going to go with the excellent design created by this couple who used regular PVC pipe and the post holder (if I can find the post holder! Not available in HD).

For the waterer, I've been looking at getting the nipple waterer, and here's where I hope someone on this forum can help me. I approached a few pet stores, as well as the local Co-Op and they did not have these. The Co-Op only had the ones for pigs and could not help me with the chicken ones. I only have two chickens, and at most will probably keep three...after all, my coop is rather small, so I only would need 1 or max 2 nipples. So, I don't want to order it online and from ebay where i also heard the quality may be spotty.

I don't think these might even be available in Canada at a store anywhere, so I don't mind driving down to Bellingham, WA to get them if anyone can point me to a good store. Any ideas anyone?

Here're a few pictures of the hens, which my little girls named after their favourite country singers: Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood...LOL!!

IT was hilarious trying to entice them into their new the end it took one daughter shaking some feed from inside the coop to get them inside. They didn't lay any eggs the first morning, but the next morning, we got one nice one and one with a broken soft shell. So I guess calcium is in order now!

I don't know what breed they are...the lady said they were called Highlines or something like that. Nice and tame and she had them in a pen with fences no higher than my waist and they never flew off anywhere. In my case, I have them in a little tractor that I can move around.
Welcome and congrats on your new chickens! They are pretty hens.

For the nipple waterers, I know some people here on BYC build great systems and they are very inexpensive. Keep a look out or run an ad in the buy/sell forum. also has a good selection of nipples and things to repair them if something should break on them. farmtek has some pretty good quality stuff. also has some but most all of them are sold in packs of 6. I haven't used efowl though, so I can't vouch for quality/speeding shipping/etc.

best of luck!
Thanks! I was hoping to just walk into a store and pick them up :)

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